Borderlands 2 matchmaking loot

So without furtherado, the review of Borderlands 2! The game developers Gearbox looked at the the RPG genre and saw a common theme, too much story. Game developers stopped looking at creating great and fun gameplay but instead were going for developing stories.

Borderlands 2 matchmaking loot

September 27, at 6: One thing that this listing thing shuts down is a sense of discovery…you can look at anything from Symphony of Night to Dark Souls and see how much richer and compelling games are where you have to use skill and knowledge to complete goals rather than simply visiting waypoints or ticking off tasks from a list.

Instead, you get a honey-do list. September 27, at Still, I am perfectly happy with the game. There are some games that I buy simply for the joy of playing them with friends while drinking a large amount of beer.

It was glorious fun. The are many games like this. All I really want out of them is mainy some fun co-op action I love co-op and am just not that competitive and maybe some fun multiplayer-versus action. I never play on-line versus.

Is this social experience- not so much the design or the product itself- what gives Borderlands 2 a 90 score on Metacritic?

Borderlands 2 matchmaking loot

I almost feel like the single player game is wilfully diminished and even discouraged BECAUSE it would force attention to the parts of game that pretty much suck. September 27, at 8: Torchlight 2 got a billion Metascore, too. It is a solid Diablo clone, but the world was not shaken by anything in it, for me.

Is it our tone that determines these things? If we get exactly what we expected, and say so, is that the key to good Metascore? And is that a really good thing for the future? September 27, at 2: You are right on the money that many games rely on and require repetition.

And really, rare is the game that is so dynamic where the core gameplay changes. The problem is when the repetition is rooted in the short-term goals i.

And also in game activities like those pointless loot boxes that literally serve zero purpose whatsoever other than to lure the player into performing a routine action in lieu of actual gameplay.

So I do agree that repetition is actually important in some ways, but it needs to be the right kind that leads to skill-building and deeper gameplay…not just to pad out 40 hours of grinding and feeble story progression.

Borderlands 2 matchmaking loot

Why did playing a game because you enjoy the gameplay go out of style? Do you expect Pacman to have a skills tree system when you go to the arcade or load it on your phone to play it? The incrimental rewards system is irrelevant in pretty much every game you play it in after you stop playing.

What does it matter that somewhere a database holds some rows that declare you as having found the greatest gear ever if you never log in anymore. No game is meant to be played forever on the merits of its rewards system. Sometimes gameplay can be enough. I totally agree with and support the statement that gameplay can- and really should- be enough.

Super Hexagon on IOS is a great game, and all that is is a little triangle dodging walls. No skill trees, no development mechanics…just a simple avoidance game with the only rewards being player skill development and satisfaction.

The gameplay is a rudimentary shooter. Not in all of the guns or loot boxes in all of Pandora.The tool to use with Borderlands 2 / TPS mods. Allows users to disable unwanted parts of the mods, merge mods into one schwenkreis.comtically handles the tedious process of manually merging the files, and prevents the broken mods resulting from master .

The Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters come together with a new cyberpunk look. Featuring Maya, Salvadore, Axton, Zer0, Gaige, and Krieg in a stylized mecha-cyborg art style.

The technical details of Borderlands 2's Co-Op Gameplay

$ Select Options. Firehawk Tee. New loot drops every month. Sign up to be the first to know! Subscribe. Borderlands 2 Purple Orange Gear Items Locations Guide – Decked Out! most of the loot in Borderlands 2 is randomly generated so you might not find these items at given locations.

Inside the Box: Evolution of Loot. Hello everyone, Paul Hellquist, creative director for Borderlands 2 here again. A few weeks ago I wrote about how the loot system works on Borderlands 2. I encourage you to read that first here if you haven’t since I’m writing .

Posts about borderlands 2 written by troublmaker. Skip to content. Advertisements. The matchmaking system in this game is fantastic and works well. A person creates a co-op game and people will ‘drop’ on it.

One downside is that there are no real loot controls and everyone sort of just snipes all of the loot that.

Cute Loot Achievement in Borderlands 2: Killed a Chubby - worth 15 GamerScore. Find guides to this achievement here.

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