Business report language style shift

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Business report language style shift

Language Shift in Australia and Canada J.

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Buda Introduction Immigrants bring with them the language, culture, and religion of their country of origin. If the immigrants are either too few or too widely scattered to allow the formation of a viable minority community, maintenance of language, customs, traditions, and beliefs may prove difficult or impossible.

In the case of language, the social and economic necessity of using the official or majority language of the host country, and the lack of opportunities for using the mother tongue, may lead to a loss of ability in the latter.

This loss of language ability, extended over several generations, will result in the phenomenon of language shift or transferin which the habitual use of one language by a minority group is replaced by the habitual use of another. This shift to the second language usually, but not always, involves the gradual disappearance of the first.

For many years, the governments of multicultural English-speaking nations limited their interest in the phenomenon of language shift to an identification of the rate at which ethnic minorities were becoming fluent in English, and therefore of how much English language education might be necessary for these communities.

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The loss of the mother, or heritage, tongue was seen as a regrettable but unavoidable fact of life. In recent years, however, the heritage tongues of ethnic communities have come to be viewed as a valuable and irreplaceable business report language style shift resource, and official awareness of, and interest in, the phenomenon of language shift has grown.

business report language style shift

This present study is an attempt to identify some of the major patterns of language shift in two multicultural nations: It is based primarily upon the Australian Census of and the Canadian Census ofwith reference also to the results of earlier censuses, and to independent language surveys such as that conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Language Shift The phenomenon of language shift takes place out of sight and out of mind.

Individuals are rarely conscious of a subtle and gradual loss of language ability; still less are ethnic communities aware of the shift away from their heritage language and towards that of their host country.

From time to time the reality of this phenomenon is brought home in graphic form. For example, an elderly matron approaches the counter at a police station in Warsaw and inquires about an amendment to her registration. Her Polish is, however, halting and heavily accented.

As personal identification she produces a United States passport.

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An aged Indian gentleman enters an English grocery shop in the company of his small six-year-old grandson. Unable to express himself in English, he asks the small boy to help. The boy interprets for his grandfather, switching effortlessly between Gujarati and fluent Midlands English.

An Italian father addresses his son in Italian. The son listens carefully, then responds in English. The same son, forced to speak to another relative who does not understand English, is able to frame only a few elementary sentences in broken, strongly accented Italian.

Scenes such as these may serve as dramatic reminders of language shift, but they give no indication of the degree and extent to which it takes place. How, then, is the degree of language shift to be measured? The short answer is by extensive language surveys, or by the inclusion of language-related questions in national censuses.

Neither of these methods is ideal. Linguistic surveys are notoriously costly and difficult to carry out, and even the largest can only hope to draw upon information from a small sample of the population. The Australian Bureau of Statistics survey, for example, was based on a sample of two-thirds of 1 percent of the population aged over 15 years, the data being extrapolated to give figures for the entire nation.

Censuses, on the other hand, endeavour to question every single citizen of a nation. The number of questions which can be included on the census form is, however, severely limited, and those related to language are usually only a fraction of those included in dedicated linguistic surveys.

In consequence, censuses provide us with a glimpse of only one or two of the most visible aspects of language use, without furnishing much of the supplementary information necessary to put them into perspective. A word needs to be said about some of the inherent limitations of linguistic data derived from both censuses and surveys.

business report language style shift

Although they differ in form and purpose, both suffer from the same fundamental drawback of relying upon subjective assessment of linguistic ability and patterns of language use.Presenting survey results – Report writing While there is no single ‘right’ style for report writing, there are some basic principles that should be followed.

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