Press release writing course

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Press release writing course

To learn how to write effective press releases. To improve writing style and structuring a professional press release. Learning the do's and do not's of press release writing.


Anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and wishing to understand the mechanisms of writing press releases and how to make good contacts with the media. The focus is on developing skills by learning in a practical environment. A key feature of our approach is that if you have a good education and commercial experience, you should be able to learn quickly.

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Our courses provide the important balance between theory and practice so as to enable a delegate to quickly understand what a modern PR and reputation practitioner has to deal with. The training materials and content are very practical and hands-on, designed for a delegate to apply the skills to the job at hand.

Taught by the leading journalist Marianne Gray, you will be taught the fundamentals of press release writing including the 5 W's of Who, Why, Where, What and When and learn how to write effective press releases.

You will be contacted by a course advisor who will send you specific information on the course and start dates and how to book your place. You will be encouraged to contact us back, in order that we can answer specific questions and provide you with the details you are looking for.

The main advantage of LSPR courses is their relevance to the current job market, our experience developed sincethe way we train and the career outcomes. Unlike many competitors, who are still immersed in traditional delivery and preoccupied with case studies, LSPR takes a more modern and practical approach.

Our courses are thought provoking, challenging, dynamic and focused on the new skills required to stay ahead of changes in the industry. All our courses have a unique blend of theory and practice, which stimulates the course participant into re-thinking much of what they understand or appreciate about modern brand communications.

We focus participants on brand advocacy and reveal the secret of how to influence and persuade people about your ideas and brands.

Press release writing course

Whether you are doing our main Diploma course or one of our Certificate courses, you obtain benefit from three factors: We are different from our competitors in that our approach is focused on reputation management and adopting a holistic approach and we understand brands and their management better than most.

Our trainers have to be practitioners and have genuine PR experience. Another important reason why LSPR has advantages over competitors is that the job outcomes and career improvements are well documented. The course runs over one day - More Frequently Asked Questions Opinions 4.

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I would definitely recommend it. Good balance between theory and practice!How to write a press release that gets glowing coverage your company president will thank you for The art of writing crisp, clear instructions Session 5: Editing and proofreading like the pros.

WRITING PRESS RELEASES. A well written press release can get you, your product or service in the editorial media for free. But how you actually write that news release can make the difference between success and failure. Enrol today for this comprehensive online press release writing course for just £ and harness the power of the media!

This press release writing course includes a section on . Press releases are a key marketing and public relations tool to build brand recognition, boost sales and gain credibility in your industry. Whether you are a business owner, work in PR or marketing, or volunteer at a non-profit, this online course can help you write a successful press release, build solid relationships with journalists, and get /5(12).

A practical and hands on course that focuses on improving your press release writing skills. The course will cover writing skills, understanding the media, how to create excellent contacts with the media, getting the structure and balance of information right within a press release and how to make your press releases stand out from others.

Course Description: (from the Columbia College Catalog) The course covers all forms of writing for public relations, including press releases, public service announcements, magazine queries, securing television and radio interviews, coverage memos, media alerts, features, trade press releases, newsletters, backgrounders, and public relations.

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