Yonge street nightly business report

Murder of Emanuel Jaques changed the face of Yonge Street and Toronto Murder of Emanuel Jaques changed the face of Yonge Street and Toronto Forty years ago, Yonge Street was better known as the Sin Strip — an artery of downtown Toronto that was home to dozens of strip clubs and body rub parlours, a legal grey zone to which politicians and police often turned a blind eye. That all changed in the summer of Jun 22, 5: June 23, Emanuel Jaques was found dead on Aug.

Yonge street nightly business report

Cummer was a mill owner on the nearby Don Rivera proprietor of a tinsmith shop on Yonge Street and a self trained doctor and veterinarian. Cummer was held in such high esteem by his neighbours that this area was originally known as Kummer's Settlement.

David Gibsona distinguished land surveyor, was another leader in this community. Like most of his neighbours, Gibson participated in the ill-fated Upper Canada Rebellion of He was thus charged with high treason and escaped to the United States were he found employment as the First Assistant Engineer on the building of the Erie Canal.

Gibson returned to his Yonge Street farm inafter being pardoned for his role in the Rebellion. He then helped to establish the "'Willow Dale"' post office, named after the many willow trees that once graced this district.

Members of the Gibson family were still living in Gibson House in the s when the residential subdivision of Willowdale began to take place.

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The Gibson House, circais still standing in its original location at Yonge Street and is now a historic museum. A panorama of Willowdale, Toronto Canada during a sun shower.

Major ethnic groups in Willowdale include: While English is the mother tongue for This log meeting house was built in by Jacob Cummer on part of his farm.

He and other early members of the church are buried in the cemetery which remains on the site, now on the east side of Yonge Street. The Cummers, who were the first German loyalists and farmers from Pennsylvania, had Lutheran roots.

However, they readily mixed in with and married people with Methodist and other roots. Thus the chapel was designated as non-denominational. A large, yellow, brick and stucco church with a tall spire replaced the log building in Between andYonge Street was widened and the front end of the church, facing west, was removed.

The front door was relocated to the south side of the building. Inthe Rev. Welburn Jones became the minister of Willowdale United Church and initiated a building program.

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In a substantial building was built on nearby Kenneth Avenue. Inhis successor, the Rev. King, replaced him and completed the program. King spent the rest of his ministry, twenty seven years, at WUC. After just over forty years of service, he retired—he prefers to say that he re-directed—to live in Thornhill to which he and his wife Jean Turner had moved in While he was the minister of WUC, the Rev.

King wrote a regular column for the community paper and he was frequently heard on radio and television, including the CTV and the CBC.

yonge street nightly business report

Because of his lifelong interest in bringing psychology, religion and health together, in he initiated the founding of the Family Life Foundation of Willowdale.

It is a registered federal charity encouraging the development of healthy community and family life—including body, mind and spirit—regardless of race, creed or religion.

Believing in re-directment and skilled in personal and family counseling, the Rev.

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King said that he would continue to volunteer his services to the FLF and the community—www.to the north, Yonge Street to the east, existing commercial uses ( Yonge Street) to the south and St. Luke Lane to the west.

The development, in its complete form, will consist of dwelling units along with a. Our United States based home offices are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and occupy approximately 26, square feet at Walnut Street, immediately adjacent to the Anthropologie store at Walnut Street, and approximately 22, square feet at South 17th Street.

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Anything goes with these statement-makers, but best of all they're built to proclaim with durability (thanks to their weather-resistant vinyl, sealed edges and metal frames). On the night of February 5, , just three weeks after the Mark Lash fiasco, a woman named Myra King was watching TV in her three-storey brick home on Roxborough Street, between Avenue and Yonge.

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